Feel Intimately Cleaner, Healthier & Refreshed!
The Best Homeopathic Treatment for Vaginal Odor & Discomfort!
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  • 100% Dye Free
  • Pharmacopeia Grade
  • 100% Natural & Homeopathic
Intimate Balance – An Essential Part of Feminine Hygiene
Healthier & Refreshed
Clean & Comfortable
Natural pH Balance
Embarassing Odors
Intimate BAlance Helps Control Vaginal Odor, Itching & Discharge Due to:

Yeast infections

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Vaginal Acidic Fluid


Odor or Itchy Discharge

Chronic Vaginal Yeast Infections


Gardnerella Vaginalis

The Science of Feminine Hygiene

There are a number of factors that can upset the balance of the healthy pH of the vagina including menstruation, intercourse and soap, Upsetting the natural bacterial environment of the vagina can result in uncomfortable and often embarrassing and potentially serious health conditions.

An unbalanced vaginal pH can leave you more susceptible to serious issues, like fertility problems, infections, STD's and PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease).

Intimate Balance uses a proprietary boric acid formula as a mild acidic antiseptic, so when used to cleanse the vagina, the pH level is restored to a healthy, more natural pH levels.

These are vaginal suppositories vegetable capsules.

Warning: NOT for oral consumption

Finally, a safe & Effective Natural Support for vaginal Conditions
Made in an FDA registered GMP/HAACP facility for your safety
Boric Acid
Mild Homeopathic Antiseptic + Antifungal
Created with You in Mind
Intimate Balance is designed for women by women
The Best Homeopathic Treatment for Vaginal Odor & Discomfort!
  • 100% Dye Free
  • Pharmacopeia Grade
  • 100% Natural & Homeopathic
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